Labrador vs Alaskan Fishing

brookieAlaska is one of the most popular destinations for anglers. Furthermore, salmon is the most popular query for Alaskan anglers. It is no secret that Alaska offers anglers one of the most remote adventures with fantastic scenery and the lure of the ‘final frontier’.

However there is a place much closer to home that can give you some of those same benefits without having to cross an entire country to get there. Labrador Canada can also be described as one of the final frontiers. For anglers looking for Atlantic salmon, landlocked salmon, brook trout and lake trout, Labrador could be the best honey hole on Earth.

What Can I Catch in Labrador?

You can catch record setting lake trout, salmon and brook trout. Although there are many places in the United States that offer exceptional brook trout fishing, few can boast a consistent stock pile of trout over 5 pounds. For salmon and lake trout fish well over 20 pounds are not uncommon.

The deep clean water of Labrador waterways makes this region the best habitat for these clean water species. Labrador is also one of the only places you can catch sea faring brook trout, those that find themselves in tidal water. Although the size and fight doesn’t change much, the appearance and lure does.

Why Choose Labrador?

A Labrador adventure can be accomplished on a smaller budget and in a smaller amount of time than an Alaskan trip. Especially those people on the east coast can enjoy a quick skip to Labrador and find themselves in the heart of record breaking brookie territory.

In Summary

Although Alaska is one of the most sought after destinations for anglers, Labrador is a hidden gem that often gets over looked. Labrador is remote, clean and filled with trophy fish.