Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner fly fisherman. Will I be able to fish well enough to catch trophy fish at Osprey Lake Lodge?

Absolutely. Most fish at Osprey are caught less than 30 feet from the boat. These big trout are not especially leader shy and a reasonable presentation will bring a rise. Trolling is also permitted and can often prove more productive than casting. Your guides are accustomed to all levels of fly fisherman and will be more than happy to help a serious beginner.

What should I take for gear on my Osprey trip?

Rods should be 8′ to 9′, 6 to 8 weight, with floating and sinking line. A variety of tippet sizes are a must from 2X up to 7X. Waders are not necessary since most of the fishing is done from shore or boat. Click here for a more detailed gear list.

I have a health condition which prevents me from walking great distances. Can I still fish at Osprey?

Yes. Most of the fishing is done from a boat. There are a few areas for the more adventurous where walking is required. The guides are more than happy to work around health limitations and provide you with a fantastic trip.

Are there any hidden costs?

Other than your travel to / lodging in Goose Bay, beverages of choice and gratuities, there are no additional expenses. Once you climb aboard the floatplane in Goose Bay, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Click here to learn more about what’s included.

Are there exceptions to your catch and release policy?

Generally no, all fish caught must be gently handled and released. This policy is in place to preserve this magnificent resource for future generations. We request the use of single barbless hooks and no tandem flies, to insure the health and quality of the brookies. Our guides will be happy to weigh, measure and help you photograph your trophy fish so that a realistic replica can be created.