The Osprey Lake Lodge facility includes a main lodge, a larger guest cabin and a smaller two person cabin as well as a guide’s shack and generator house. The lodge can accommodate a maximum of eight people per week.

The main lodge is primarily used for dining, socializing and sleeping quarters for the guides. The lodge provides a comfortable environment for meals, visiting with travel companions and newly found friends, playing an evening game of cribbage and most importantly, telling stories about the one that got away.The guest lodge has three double occupancy rooms and sleeps six. The bathroom has a hot shower, flush toilet and sink.

A small common area with a woodstove or the screened porch provide a great place to sit and relax.The smaller cabin (the honeymoon camp) has two beds and can easily accommodate two people. If you prefer some privacy or are traveling as a couple, this cabin will suit your needs. This cabin also has a hot shower, flush toilet and sink.