The Osprey Lake Experience

Osprey Lake is nirvana for dry fly enthusiasts with prolific hatches of mayfly and caddis throughout the season. Massive Brook Trout, up to ten pounds, are spotted sipping mayflies off the surface. Your guide will get you into casting range where you can easily present your dry fly. Once hooked, the brook trout are hard fighting and spirited in the cold waters that flow through the lake. You never know how big the trout can be and we’ve hooked them from 3 to over 11lbs!


For even more excitement, anglers can also cast mice patterns and witness savage surface strikes by large trout. When conditions are windy, casting large streamers and muddlers to shoals, drop-offs and to visible structure also works well to entice the huge brook trout into explosive strikes. At the outlet of Osprey and the inlet and outlet of Black Fly there are concentrations of large brook trout that can be fished by boat or from shore.

This is truly the very best of surface action fly fishing and something people fly halfway around the world to experience. No matter what part of the season you come, the fishing is magnificent. This is what dreams are made of!